This is a major mode for writing articles for the German Linux Magazin. I wrote this when I was proposing an article about Common Lisp to the editors which was not accepted. Nevertheless this emacs mode is a publically visible effort of my article writing because I just couldn't stand it writing the article itself without the help of my sturdy XEmacs.


Download: linmag-mode.el

Put into your init file (.emacs or .xemacs/init.el or personal.el):

 (require 'linmag-mode)

And probably something like

 (add-hook 'linmag-mode-hook
           '(lambda ()

that's it.

Emacs Version

Should work in XEmacs and GNU Emacs. I've only been using it in GNU Emacs lately, though.


I havn't been using this much since my first article series was rejected so it might not live up to your expectations. But I think this is the only thing available at all. I will use it for the next articles I plan to submit to the Linux Magazin so there may be improvements down the way...