Hm, how many times have I renamed an already written LaTeX letter and then edited it? Dunno. Fact is that it's been at least one time too often. This ELisp file can work that out for me by listing some templates in the Tools-Menu in a submenu called Tex Letter.

Howto Use

Actually this was my very first small XEmacs library. It looks for all the files in a (customizable; default: ~/.texletter) directory, puts the into a menu and if I pick one of them it offers to save it into another (customizable; default: ~/tex/letters) directory using a default name for it. Not much but I've been quite proud of it when it was done.

Create all your templates in the directory pointed to by texletter-template-directory using descriptive names. They will be used without the .tex extension. An example (German DINBrief) template is formal-de.tex.

You might also choose to call M-x texletter-create-letter directly which then asks for the template to use.

The working directory for texletter is defined in texletter-letter-directory. The require will fail if that directory doesn't exist.

Download and Installation


Create the template directory (~/.texletter) and a few templates. Maybe you want to keep a list of pre-adressed letters of people you write many letters to?

Put into your init file (~/.emacs, ~/.xemacs/init.el, ...),

     (autoload 'texletter-create-letter
               "Create LaTeX letters from templates."
     (autoload 'texletter-install-templates-as-menu
               "Adding menu items for all templates."