When I was working at Novel Science Int. and CPI - Creative Pharma Int. I did a decent amount of research in the field of artificial intelligence and the application to real world problems.

Please note that I'm not planning to work on this module or related modules.


Having searched the CPAN for 'genetic' and having found nothing of interest, I decided to start this from the scratch. Later I discovered that there is already a collection of packages and I decided to add mine to them. I hope that this OK, if not: please send me an email and I will change them name from AI::GA to EA::GA or something like that.

This module was among my very first Perl modules and it was written for a little training that I gave to a pupil a good while ago.

Well, I posted this on the honorous perl community called The Perl Monks and they had nothing to add, so this might be considered useable.

The original posting was here.