Femto is a very small (hence the name) bulletin board software suited to be used in a CGI environment.

One specific design purpose is, that, if you want to use Femto, you just drop it in a CGI directory and you're done. No database, no libraries, no installation, no nothing.

See rdoc (online version is linked below) or --longhelp for more documentation.


The Easy Way

Put it into any CGI directory and adjust the $URL at the top of this file to reflect the installation. (Unfortunately Rubys cgi.rb does not (yet?) generate the access URL automatically as Perls CGI does.)

The Sophisticated Way

You, know: Use the source!.

This file includes the Javascipt and the CSS down below, following the spcial END token. Adjust this to your needs.

And if that isn't enough: change the source! You're not familiar with Ruby? Well, either this is the software you start using as your entry point into the Ruby world, or your dont' use it at all.


Femto want's to be a cooperative simple bulletin board: