Taskjuggler (http://www.taskjuggler.org) is a project planning software which uses a plain text file for the definition of tasks which is then processed to create the schedule.

Unfortunately the built-in editor is Kate, which makes me scream. Any other editor than Emacs is hard to swallow for me.

Taskjuggler ships with a small emacs mode which does some highlighting and indention. From that I took the indention function and rewrote the rest from scratch.


I started this yesterday (2008-07-15) and finished it today (2008-07-16) so it's probably pretty beta. But I will use it in the next days/weeks. No more updates to the file means, everything is fine, otherwise I will post newer versions of the file and this text will become outdated.

Download and Install

Download taskjuggler-mode.el and call

  (require 'taskjuggler-mode)

from your init-file

Emacs Version

This does NOT work in XEmacs. It shouldn't be too hard to port it, though. So, if you need this to support XEmacs, drop me a line.


C-c C-scheck syntax using taskjuggler backend
C-c C-ccompile using taskjuggler backend
C-c C-dInsert dependency with completion and (hopefully) correct relative path
C-c C-rInsert resource (with completion and context keywords)
C-c rRescan current buffer completely
C-c i tInsert task template
C-c i rInsert resource template


This mode highlights many words but without any knowledge of the context and the list is probably not complete.